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Sheep hunting is one of the most physically demanding and rewarding hunts you can embark upon.  Whether you are headed for the Northern reaches of British Columbia and Alaska to hunt Stone Sheep and Dall Sheep, or heading to drier climes to hunt Rocky Mountain and Desert Bighorn, these sheep will provide a true test of your hunting abilities. 

With their keen eyesight and their ability to seemingly walk on sheer faced cliffs, getting close to sheep is going to be a challenge.  Be prepared for longer range shots than you may be used to.  Practice and hone your skill, and the result will be one, or all, of these trophies hanging on your wall.

hunting bighorn sheep,hunting guides,hunting outfitters

Head to Northern British Columbia and join Mike and his crew for a 14 day Stone Sheep adventure.  Your hunt will be conducted from horseback and on foot to reach these rams. 

Average rams in this area reach 36" in length and sport a darker color, adding to ther trophy value.  Stone Sheep hunting is "on the rocks" with quotas likely to be decreased in the future.  Act now to ensure your spot before hunting is further restricted and secure one of the most sought after trophies in British Columbia.

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dall sheep hunting,bighorn sheep hunting,hunting guides,hunting outfitters

Head to Alaska to pursue the only pure white sheep living in the wild,  Your outfitter will pick you up in Anchorage and where you will be taken on a 2 1/2 hour scenic drive up the Matanuska Valley to base camp. 

The hunts are in interior Alaska, in the Talkeetna and Chugach mountains. You are totally on foot, with just a backpack for supplies because you are in such remote, rugged locations. Dall sheep hunting is for anyone with good physical ability.

Join Ben and his outfit and test your abilities against the best Alaska has to offer.  Combo this with a moose or brown bear for the hunt of a lifetime.

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