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Hunting mule deer is one of the great western adventures.  Larger than the whitetail deer, mule deer range from Sonora, Mexico to Northern Canada and provide hunters with an outstanding trophy.  Our mule deer hunts  offer something for every hunter, whether you are a first timer or grizzled veteran.

The Hunting Broker has several mule deer hunts to choose from.  Each hunter will have a unique vision of the perfect trip hunting mule deer.    Hunt mule deer along  the Eastern slope of the Rockies with our Alberta, Canada outfitter, or maybe you prefer to make your mule deer hunting trip  a high desert experience with our Sonora, Mexico outfitter.  Whatever your vision is, the Hunting Broker has the guides and outfitters to to make your mule deer hunt the experience of a lifetime.

Whether this is your first trip hunting mule deer or your last, the success of your trip will be measured, not only by the trophy mule deer you take, but also by the memories you make.  Time spent in the field is a gift, savor it.

Browse our mule deer hunts, then contact us to book your mule deer hunting trip with the Hunting Broker. 

Remember,  hunt deposits are always guaranteed so don't delay booking your mule deer hunt.

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Hunt the Western Slopes of the Rockies with our British Columbia outfitter.

Our hunting areas are located in the South Peace Region of North Eastern B.C, which is some of the most game rich country in North America.

The areas include approximately 3600 square miles of hunting territory and is the key to our success rate and the harvesting of exceptional trophies year after year.  The terrain varies greatly from high glacial mountains, valleys and river systems down to the foothills and farmland which is conducive to growing outstanding animals.

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Mule deer hunts, hunting mule deer, hunt mule deer,

Hunt monster desert mule deer in the heart of old, Mexico.  Our outfitter has several ranches available and you should expect trophy mule deer in the 180" and above.  Sight in your rifles and you will be hunting mule deer by late afternoon.

Couple this with a coues deer or javalina and your hunting trip to Old Mexico will be complete.

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Sitka Blacktail Deer offer a unique hunting experience and Prince of Wales Island is the best place to get your trophy. The island has a very healthy population of deer and the state of Alaska allows for a long season which starts
mid August and goes through the end of the year, but the best time to hunt is in October and early November. The perfect place to get your Sitka Blacktail for your Grand Slam for deer or your Super Slam for North American big game. 

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Hunt Mule Deer in the beautiful Bob Marshall Wilderness of Central Montana.  This is a true wilderness hunt, as you will ride out to spike camp and hunt the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains.  Our outfitter has guaranteed tags so drawing this hunt is not an issue.  Combo this hunt with a late season elk, and you have the perfect Montana experience.

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mule deer hunts,hunting mule deer,mule deer guides,hunting guides,hunting outfitters

Head to North Central Wyoming and hunt the Bighorn Mountains for these elusive mule deer.  Our outfitter has been hunting this area for 20 years and knows all the draws and thickets.  Stay in comfortable wall tents during your stay.  Terrain varies from timbered slopes to glassing from the top of ridge lines and bluffs.   Fly to Buffalo, Wyoming and from there you will be off to hunt just a short 2 hours later.

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The Selway Wilderness of Idaho will be your destination for this wilderness mule deer hunt.  Head to the back country for this wilderness experience of a lifetime.  Ken knows where the deer are and will get you in position to take that trophy mule deer. 

Hit the gym before this hunt, as you will be hunting in country that is closed to all vehicle access.  But the extra effort will be worth it when you harvest your buck. 

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