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Largest of the ungulate family, moose tower over 7' tall at the shoulder.  And when you are 15 yards from an incoming moose, nothing can match the adrenaline and excitement of experiencing nature's fury.   Moose hunt with our Alaskan, Canadian, or Wyoming moose outfitters and guides for an unforgettable moose hunting adventure.

The Hunting Broker has several moose hunts to choose from. Choose from Yukon, Canadian, or Shiras moose hunts depending on your budget and your moose hunting desires.  Regardless of your choice,  you cannot go wrong with our moose hunts, as we have pre-qualified all of our outfitters and guides. 

Whether this is your first moose hunt or your last, the success of your trip will be measured, not only by the trophy moose you take, but also by the memories you make.  Time spent in the field is a gift, savor it.

Browse our moose hunts, then contact us to book your moose hunting trip with the Hunting Broker. 

Remember,  hunt deposits are always guaranteed so don't delay booking your moose hunt.


moose hunt,moose hunting,hunting moose,hunt moose,outfitters and guides

Hunt the Bighorn Mountain of  Wyoming on this seven day Shiras Moose hunt.  Outfitter has experienced 100% success rate on his moose hunts over the last five years. Hunt at 7,000 feet and above on this wilderness hunt in the northern portion of Wyoming.  Be prepared, as hunt can be physically demanding.  But don't let that scare you off.  The trophy Moose you harvest will be more than worth the effort.

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moose hunting,hunting moose,hunting guides,hunting outfitters


British Columbia is known for its vast moose population. Our area has a high density of Canada Moose and is known for its trophy size animals. The land provides ideal moose habitat with lots of swamps, lakes, creeks and rivers.

We harvest heavy antlered moose with an average rack of 55", with many taken in the 55"-60" range and above. Our success rate is high and we have taken Boone & Crocket bulls in the past.

Our moose hunts are 8 or 10 days long, start in September and run until the beginning of November, covering the moose rut from the middle of September until the middle of October.  Combo your hunt with grizzly bear or caribou for the ultimate British Columbia adventure.

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moose hunting,grizzly bear hunts,hunting guides,hunting outfitters

Hunt the beautiful Peace River area of Northern British Columbia.  Our outfitters has an excellent herd of trophy class bulls, ranging from 45 to 60 inches with some taken even larger.  If you are interested in an early season hunt, this outfitter offers one during the last two weeks of August. During the regular season (Sept-Oct), size restrictions are in place to insure mature animals are harvested. 

Hunts are conducted in wetlands, burns, logged areas, loer parts of avalanche tracks and in sub-alpine spruce willow zones.

Hunts are conducted utilizing ground blinds, calling and spot and stalk.

If you are looking for trophy quality animals at an affordable price, this hunt should be on your list to check out.

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 moose hunting,hunting moose,hunting guides,hunting outfitters

Head North to Alaska for this wilderness adventure.  No where on Earth do moose grow to the size of these behemoths.  This is a wilderness hunt so expect to be challenged.  But also expect to have your hard work pay off with the trophy of a lifetime.

Fly to Anchorage and the outfitter will pick you up for the short tow hour drive to base camp.  From there you will be board the outfitters Super Cub and fly to the remote spike camp.  Expect moose in excess of 60" of antler mass, with 70+" moose common.

If you are looking to harvest an Alaskan moose with a top-notch outfitter, this is the hunt for you.

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moose hunting,hunting moose,hunting outfitters,hunting guides
Moose were introduced to the province of Newfoundland in 1904 and have increased in population to an estimated 120,000 since that time. A mature bull moose can weigh 1200lbs and greater.  While Newfoundland moose don't have the 60-70 inch spread of their cousins, the Alaskan moose, the Newfoundland moose are known to have 40-50-inch trophy spreads and these are definitely available.
Hunting season starts the second week of September until late October. You will have a very early rise and will not return back to the lodge until dark. Early morning and evening is the best time for hunting moose, but they can be spotted anytime during the day.
Hunters and guides will be travelling by vehicle, all-terrain vehicle, boat or by walking. One of our excellent guides will be your weekly companion and will provide everything possible to ensure that you get your trophy moose.
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Idaho is one of the few states in the Western United States where you can harvest your Shiras Moose while enjoying the beauty of a wilderness environment.  This hunt will take you to the famous Selway Wilderness of Idaho and Unit 17.  Smallest of the moose subspecies, these moose are elusive and well worth the effort required to harvest one. 

This is a draw hunt and applications need to be done by April 1st.  So, if you are interested in completing your "grand slam" of moose, apply today and book your hunt with Ken and his crew.

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