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Whether this is your first trip hunting caribou or your last, the success of your trip will be measured, not only by the trophy caribou you take, but also by the memories you make.  Woodland, mountain, or barren ground, caribou hunting is sure to inspire a lifetime worth of such memories.  Cousin to the reindeer, these North American ungulates are prized not only for their awe inspiring racks, but also for their beautifully colored capes.  The only member of the deer family where both males and females grow antlers, these magnificent creatures should be on every hunters "short list" of trophies.

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Northern British Columbia boasts a good population of Mountain Caribou and your outfitter on this trip certainly knows when and how to harvest these trophies.  Join Mike and his crew on an 8 or 10 day hunt, and be treated to a real wilderness adventure.  Horseback hunt this trophy, then add a grizzly bear, wolf, or moose to complete your package.

Commercial flights are available to Smithers, and from there it is a short flight to your destination.  Your outfitter will meet you there and treat you to the hunt of a lifetime.

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caribou hunts,woodland caribou,hunting guides,hunting outfitters
Newfoundland's Woodland Caribou are native to this island. They are the world's most southern hunted caribou, and the province of Newfoundland is the only place in the world to hunt the beautiful specimen.  A woodland caribou's body is dark brown, with lighter patches around the neck and rump, and white above each hoof. They also have heavier antlers than the barren ground caribou. . Their impressive mahogany colour antlers are a breathtaking sight and quite the trophy to take home with you.
Woodland Caribou are often spotted in open country anytime throughout the day. Our experienced guides will take you to breathtaking open barren country for you to spot, stalk and shoot one of these magnificent animals.
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