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Whether your quarry is grizzly, brown or black bear we have the outfitters for you.  We have many spring black bear hunts, both coastal and inland, to satisfy the most discriminate bear hunters.  Our fall grizzly and brown bear hunts will leave you counting the days until you can hunt with us again.  Combo your fall hunt with other species to get the most out of your hunting experience.

The Hunting Broker has several bear hunts to choose from. From Manitoba to Idaho, we have found the best bear hunting available.  Most of our bear outfitters and guides are small, family operated concessions, insuring that the areas they hunt bear in will not be over hunted.  Many of our bear hunts offer unique color phase bears.  So if you are looking for a blond or cinnamon phase bear,  we have the hunt for you.

Whether this is your first bear hunting trip or your last, the success of your trip will be measured, not only by the trophy you take, but also by the memories you make.  Time spent in the field is a gift, savor it.

Browse our bear hunts, then contact us to book your bear hunting trip with the Hunting Broker. 

Remember,  hunt deposits are always guaranteed so don't delay booking your bear hunt.

black bear hunting,black bear hunts, hunting guides,hunting outfitters

Hunters from all over the world come to Prince of Wales Island in search of trophy Black Bear. The island is known for having
a strong population of large Black Bears. Alaska Fish and Game data shows that the average bear on Prince of Wales Island has a 1.5 inch larger skull when compared to other game units in the state.

Whether you are hunting with a rifle or a bow you will have many opportunities to harvest your trophy Black Bear. Thorne Bay Lodge gives you the chance to explore the island and hunt the way you prefer. The best time of year to hunt for bear is in the Spring, May 1st-June 30th. Hunt Prince of Wales Island, Alaska for a do-it-yourself adventure of a lifetime. 

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Hunt the beautiful Peace River region of northern British Columbia for spring Grizzly and Black Bear.

Located one hour northwest of Fort St. Nelson, this bear hunt is a true wilderness experience.  Hunt by horseback into spike camps, or use our outfitters argos and atvs to access prime hunting areas.

This outfitter has an area that hasn't been hunted in the last three years, so get in early for trophy bear.

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black bear hunts,hunting black bear,hunting guides,hunting outfitters

Hunt black bear on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  From Campbell River, B.C. you'll fly to our outfitters 5 star lodge.  There you will be greeted and start five days of black bear hunting at its best.  Spring Coastal black bear hunts are action packed adventures that both seasoned and novice hunters will enjoy.  Our experienced guides can generally get hunters to within 100 yards of bears that average 300lbs. 

Our outfitters area has produced large, mature boars exceeding 600lbs with skulls measuring 20 inches or more. Color-phase bears are common in this area.

During mid-day, the outfitter will take you  salmon fishing at no charge!  This is the ultimate Cast n' Blast experience, so act now to ensure your spot.

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 Bear hunting,hunting brown bear,hunting guides,hunting outfitters

Alaska will be your destination on this brown bear adventure.  Largest of the bears, this will be the chance to test yourself and your ability as a hunter. 

Our outfitter will pick you up in Anchorage, Valdez or Cordova and take you to the main camp.  From there you can hop a bush plan and head to spike camp.

This outfitter is a native Alaskan and knows this country.  You won't be disappointed with this outfitters animals and outfit.

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brown bear hunts,hunting brown bear,hunting guides,hunting outfitters

Meet your guide in Dillingham and head to his Nushagak River lodge to hunt monster Brown Bear with this top outfitter.  This outfitter only takes a limited number of hunters every year, so you can rest assured that this area will be pristine and not overhunted.  Add a wolf or wolverine to your package for the ultimate Alaskan adventure.

If Brown Bear is not your desire, join Randy and his crew for a self-guided salmon adventure on the Nushagak. Fish until midnight if you desire.  You get a boat, food and lodge stay.  The rest is up to you.

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Head to Northern British Columbia, Canada to hunt huge interior grizzlies and black bear.  Head out from base camp on ATV's or on horseback to stalk your trophy.  This area is rich with game and has a very diverse terrain.

If Grizzly Bear is not what you are after, Mike has many other options to choose from including stone sheep, moose, mountain caribou, wolf and mountain goat.  Mike is also set up to handle all levels of physical ability for his hunters, including disabled hunters.

Come to Northern British Columbia for a hunt you will never forget.


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bear hunts,hunting black bear,hunting guides,hunting outfitters

Join your outfitter in Newfoundland and enjoy bear hunting at it's finest.  The island of Newfoundland is home to approximately 14,000 black bears. The black bears here on the island can reach 6-7 feet in length and up to an enormous 700 lbs, with massive height and skull diameter. The average adult black Bear weighs between 300-400 lbs.

Our spring black bear hunt can offer an intense hunt for all hunters. The spring bears are baited by our experienced and hard working guides. The open barrens, clear-cuts and  bogs also provide a hunter large areas and a great opportunity to spot and shoot his fall black bear. You will have a hunting experience like no other.

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idaho black bear hunts,hunting idaho, black bear hunting,hunting outfitters,hunting guides

Chase Black Bear through the Selway Wilderness of Idaho with Ken and his crew.  These bear are plentiful and come in all color phases:  chocolate, cinnamon, blond and black.  Spot and stalk hunting through some of the most pristine country in America.

Expect to hike in after these bear, as there is no motorized vehicle access to this area.  With over 25 square miles to hunt, the extra effort will pay off with both a trophy bear and hunting memories that will last a lifetime.

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