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Unique to North America, pronghorn antelope outnumber people in Wyoming, where we hunt.  Antelope possess keen eyesight which will test your stalking ability.  High, blustery winds will test your skills as a marksman.  Come visit the high plains of Wyoming and test yourself against one of the toughest adversaries in the West.

The Hunting Broker has several antelope hunts to choose from.  Our hunts are conducted in Wyoming and Montana during the fall antelope hunting season.  Tags are easily attainable from our outfitter sponsors. 

Whether this is your first antelope hunt or your last, the success of your trip will be measured, not only by the trophy antelope you take, but also by the memories you make.  Time spent in the field is a gift, savor it.

Browse our antelope hunts, then contact us to book your antelope hunting trip with the Hunting Broker. 

Remember,  hunt deposits are always guaranteed so don't delay booking your antelope hunt.

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Join us in Wyoming for this trophy antelope hunt on a working ranch.  Your outfitter has years of experience guiding hunters to exceptional antelope.  Expect bucks in the 60"-80" range on the high prairies of central Wyoming.  Sleep in the outfitter's bunkhouse and enjoy the ultimate western adventure.  Combo your antelope with a mule deer hunt and garner two Wyoming trophies on the same hunt.

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