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Tired of risking your hard earned money on outfitters you hardly know?  So were we, and that's why we started The Hunting Broker. 

All of our hunting guides and outfitters must pass our stringent guidelines or, simply put, we will not allow them on our site.

Hunters spent over 23 billion dollars for hunting related goods and services during 2006 and this number continues to grow.  We at The Hunting Broker want to make sure that your dollars are spent in a manner that provides the best possible outcome for your investment.

Most hunting consultants charge their outfitters a percentage of each hunt they book.  At The Hunting Broker, we have changed that model to provide our outfitters better bang for their buck.  Our outfitters pay us an annual fee, plus donate a hunt every five years for our disabled hunting program and our member giveaways.  Our members pay a small annual fee of $50 and in return receive all the benefits of membership listed on our membership page.  By structuring our company in this manner, both our outfitters and our hunters receive the optimum benefit for the minimum investment.

Compare our services to  any other hunting consultant in the market. No other hunting consultant offers all these benefits for our outfitters and members.

We at the Hunting Broker are hunters just like you.  Some of us grew up hunting, some of us came to it later in life, but we all share the same passion for the sport.  It was our own hunting experiences that caused us to start our hunting club. 

Join our hunt club today, and enjoy the benefits of membership tomorrow.


elk hunt, elk hunting, hunting elk Bob Russell – Bob came to hunting late in life, but has become an avid outdoorsman.  Father to two sons, Bob is passing on the traditions of hunting to the next generation.
Elk Hunt, hunting elk, elk hunting Dean Klopfenstein – Dean is a lifelong hunter with a passion for western big game species.  Elk and mule deer top his list, but he has taken trophy whitetail, bear and moose as well.  Dean also has a son who is carrying on the tradition of hunting.
hunting guides,hunting outfitters,mule deer hunts,whitetail hunting Greg Henes – Born in Wisconsin, Greg grew up hunting whitetail deer in the heart of the midwest.  Accompanied by his son, Greg gets out in the field at every opportunity.
Oregon Whitetail Deer Steve Baptiste – A lifelong hunter, Steve is an expert in all western big game.  Steve is a throwback to earlier times and is experienced with a muzzle loader.  Most deer seasons find Steve and his son Alex in the Columbia Basin area of Central Oregon.


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